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    Awesome Shop Vac Video

    I almost didn't watch this because I worried that "kinetic typography" meant people nattering about how Helvetica is better than Arial (yawn). Nothing further from the truth. This is a very cool video and it's surprising to me how much having the right font really adds to the imagery. Anyway, if you haven't seen it yet it's worth taking a look.
    (via Twitter. I first saw it from Len Peralta, but it's been well retweeted since then.)

    Lovely Time Lapse Video

    What a perfectly lovely project (you should really click through and watch it at a higher resolution):

    (via Zefrank)

    If you liked that one, here's the creator's main site. He did this with three different lenses and thus has three different videos. I liked this one the best with the tighter focus on the trees, but they are all worth a watch.

    Flip Mino and OS X

    I bought Karin a Flip Mino video camera for her birthday. These cameras come with built-in software for editing video on both Windows and OS X, but you don't want to do that. I knew it was a solvable problem, but I wasn't sure exactly what the solution was. After some quick research I have an answer and I'm willing to share :-)

    The Mino stores its video in as 3ivx encoded MPEG-4 video. Perian supports 3ivx files, along with a lot of other formats. Download Perian, install the preference pane and Quicktime can now playback the 3ivx files. iPhoto and iMovie HD (aka iMovie '06) can both process the files directly with Perian installed. iMovie '08 won't process them without another step to convert the file to DV format, but Karin uses iMovie 06 anyway, and if I was going to start editing video I'd probably buy Final Cut Express. I read on the web that QuickTime Pro and VisualHub can both do the conversion and those are both highly recommended for anybody doing video anyway, so I'd look at one of those if you need iMovie '08 compatibility.

    Couple of worthwhile videos

    First off: a new Flight of the Conchords video for the song Ladies of the World The guys sing in 70's roller-skating regalia. Don't miss it.

    (via Chris Roberson)

    The second one is somebody with a lot of free time. They filled wine bottles to play the Super Mario theme music when struck, then drove past the bottles with a RC car. Really well done. I can't remember where I saw this, I think it was somebody on Twitter.

    Mario Theme Played with RC Car and Bottles